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Outdoor Services and Diagnostics

Outdoor Diagnostic :

Photo Slit Lamp :

Captures real time video and still photos of the structures of the eye. Helps you see what is wrong with your eye.

A Scan and Biometry :

Evaluate the exact power of the lens which needs to be inserted in the eye during Cataract surgery

Nd Yag Laser :

Disperses post Cataract opacity and treats Glaucoma

Computerised visual field analyser :

Evaluates the extent of loss of vision due to Glaucoma or other neurological diseases-analysing what you can see with your “fields” of vision from the periphery of your eye while keeping the eye fixated in the middle.

Non Contact Tonometry :

Evaluates precisely and painlessly intraocular pressure and detects and monitors cases of Glaucoma, the silent blinding disease.

B Scan :

This scans the retina to look for retinal detachment, foreign bodies in the vitreous and other posterior segment pathologies.

Synoptophore :

Helps measure the degree of Squint and muscle balance. It is also a tool par excellence for eye muscle excercises decreasing Squint even without surgery when indicated.

Comprehensive Eye Test :

Comprehensive Eye Test for Colour Vision, Binocular vision, Muscle balance, Field of vision, Depth of perception, etc. especially for eye care of young generation working on computers, TV and Executives in IT sector.

Applanation Tonomeler :

Is used to determine the intraocular pressure, the fluid pressure inside the eye.It is an important test in the evaluation of patients at risk from glaucoma.

Auto Ref-Kerotometer :

Is a diagnostic instrument for measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, particularly for assessing the extent and axis of astigmatism.

Lensometer :

Is an ophthalmic instrument used to verify the correct prescription in a pair of eye glasses.

Opthelmoscope :
Computerized Auto Refrection :

An autorefractor or automated refractor is a computer-
controlled machine used during an eye examination to provide an objective measurement of a person’s refractive error and prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Gonioscopy :

The importance of this process is in diagnosing and monitoring various eye conditions associated with glaucoma

Surgical Facilities :

3 Phaco Emulsification units :
  1. (Alcon Infiniti–USA )
  2. AMO Sovereign compact white star
  3. Alcon U2

World’s most advanced Phaco machine for Micro Incision Cataract Surgery(MICS) and astigmatism free cataract surgery. Helps in
1. Superior Vision Clarity 2. Minimal astigmatism 3. Pain free surgery 4. faster healing and early resumption of normal life.

Operating Microscope :

There are total 5 operating microscopes(4 Carlzeiss and 1 Talcage) for microsurgery with extreme precision.

Vitrectomy Unit :

For performing all varieties of complex Vitreo Retinal Surgeries Like Retinal Detachment with PVR, Giant Retinal Tear, Diabetic Vitreous Hemorrhage, Endophthalmitis, Dropped Lens, Intraocular Foreign Body etc.

Medical Retina Facilities :

Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA) :

To evaluate the Retinal status especially in Diabetics and other Vascular Diseases of Retina.

Green Laser for Retina Photocoagulation :

Used to perform Laser to the retina.Helps in quick and pain free laser to the eye for Diabetic Retinopathy, Vein occlusions etc. works by effectively sealing leaking blood vessels in the retina of eye.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) :

scan to evaluate the macular and optic disc pathology in detail, especially in patients with Diabetes, Macular hole, Uveitis, Glaucoma etc.

A and B Scan Ultrasonography :

for Detailed Evaluation for Eye cases like Advanced Cataract,Vitreous Hemorrhage, etc.

Indirect opthalmoscope :

Diagnoses the rear portion of the eyeball for any ailment of the Retina.